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Jim from USA: Healing and hope for mother

Please pray that my mother, Mary, will be healed in memory and physical challenges; that she will receive the therapy and care she needs in order to return home by Christmas with good, compassionate care available; that as a primary caregiver I can resume my role in her home with help; that I can find sufficient funds; keep homes from being lost or sold; find suitable wheelchair transportation and afford same; have improved relationships with family members. We are in need of miracles and hope.
Dear Friends let us pray for Mary, that the Lord will bring her healing. Grant that she will receive good care. Grant Lord to Jim the help he needs through the grace of your Holy Spirit. Come Lord Jesus. Amen. Fr Stephen

John Condon from US of A: Parkinsons disease

general intervention, delay of progression of disease. Minimal progression of disease.
Dear Friends, let us pray that the Lord will bless John and grant his request. Come Lord Jesus with your healing power upon John and all who are close to him. Amen. Fr Stephen

Mary from United States: Please pray for Eileen C.

Please ask Mary to intercede for Eileen who has just had abdominal surgery. . that she will heal and get better soon if it is God's holy will. Also pray for her family and children who are upset and anxious. Thank you and God bless!
Dear Friends, let us pray for Eileen that the Lord will restore her to health. Come Holy Spirit upon Eileen, restore her to health and bless her children and family through Christ our Lord. May the intercession of Our Lady, Health of the Sick and St Camillus assist them and us. Amen. God bless you. Fr Stephen

Jackie from meath: Prayer for health

for our friend, may she beat cancer and help her through this time
Dear Friends, Let us pray for this lady. That the Holy Spirit may come upon her and help her to recover from her illness, through Christ our Lord. Amen. God bless you. Fr Stephen

Raftis Family from Australia:

Prayer for Father Sean Bredin who has recently passed.Father Sean played such an important role in the life of our family.Father Sean was the most kindest,compassionate and nonjudgemental man we had the enormous pleasure of knowing.We love you Father Sean and we will never forget you.May you rest in peace now.
Dear Friends, let us pray for Fr Sean. Eternal rest grant unto Sean O Lord. Bless Sean's family and confreres. Comfort them in their sorrow. Amen. God bless you all. Fr Stephen

Lyn Rennick from Stoke Newington, London: Physical health issues & peace of mind

Please pray for me as I have various physical health problems as well as O.C.D. which is beginning to rear its ugly head after 20 years of being free of it. Thank you. Lyn
Dear Friends, let us pray for Lyn that the Lord will give her strength and peace of mind. May the Holy Spirit come upon her and bring Lyn consolation and healing. God bless you. Fr Stephen

Fiona from Ireland:

Please pray for me
Dear Friends, let us pray for Fiona. Lord, may your Holy Spirit come upon Fiona. Bring her consolation, peace and joy. God bless you. Fr Stephen

Eileen from Cork: For continued good health

Please pray that as I'm reducing my anticonvulsant medication I will continue to remain in good health and the withdrawl symptoms will gradually disappear. I will be able to work with full health and strength
Dear Friends let us pray for Eileen. May the Lord touch her life and bring her healing. Keep her in good health. God bless you. Fr Stephen

Michael Donovan from Rockford, Illinois USA: Effective remission from amyloidosis

Please pray that my chemotherapy is tolerated and effective. As I continue to try to do my work as a family physician give me strength to show mercy to my patients and be able to help them. When I have to rest give me peace and faith in God's intentions. God be with me.
Dear Friends, let us pray for Michael; that his chemotherapy will be tolerable and effective. Let us pray for peace for Michael and may the Holy Spirit bring his healing touch to Michael and his patients. God bless you. Fr Stephen

Pauline McHugh from Carlow:

Please pray for my grandaughter Caragh age 5 who had a serious accident to her foot and has one toe amputated and another toe severely damaged.Pray that she will make a full recovery and walk unaided again.
Dear Friends, let us pray for Pauline's grandaughter Caragh, that Our Lord will heal her and bring her back to a full recovery that she may walk unaided again. God bless you all. Fr Stephen

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