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melanie from UK: urgent need of healing.

Please pray for me. I am suffering with a bladder condition and I am in great discomfort daily. This has caused very great distress and depression. I feel so alone and scared. Please pray that God will, help me. Thank you and God bless.

John from Nigeria: for healing.

1=for healing of ROSEMARY of her right leg that swell and form wounds .she fall down went she want to get our of her room. thank you.

Mary Elizabeth from Philippines: Healing for my father

Please help me pray for healing of my father Oscar Flores who is presently confined in the hospital for infection (Pneumonia and UTI). Pls pray for his speedy and complete recovery. Thank you.

Gloria from U.S.: Husband James

James has cancer. He needs prayers to help him through this.

Ginger from USA:

Please pray for my cousin who has an incurable form of cancer and needs our prayers in her suffering.

Vicky from USA: Prayer for my niece

Prayer that my niece who suffers from mental illness will be freed of her mental anquish. And prayer for her mother who has to contend with the dysfunction this creates in the family. And for her daughter, Chatlotte, who needs a mother who is fully present. Thank you for these prayers.

Mary Anne from Kenya: My dad has been in hospital for 3 wks and he is not improving and also his attitude is one of no hope

Pray for FRANCIS MWANGANGI to be healed completely of TB,the feeling on his left side to be returned fully in His whole body,the embollism in his brain to be healed without surgery and a true sincere conversion to JESUS OUR SAVIOUR

noeen from cork: please don't let uncle pat die

Don't let uncle pato die get him to recover ASAP and he lives from that operation

Kathy Lee from Orlando, Florida: Healing from addiction

Healing and conversion for my grandson Stuart who has been addicted to drugs for 15 yrs.

Padraig O' Gorman from ireland: had cardiac arrest...on life support..waiting to be brought to hospital...USA...remote area.

Through the intercession of St. Camillus on this his feast day may LEANNE MACINTOSH be healed in body soul and spirit.....May she be restored to full health. Thank you Jesus and St. Camillus.

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