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Church of St Mary Magdalene. NEW PICTURES

If you are in Rome this year, we invite you to visit the Church of the Mother House of the Order of St. Camillus.

The Church is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene and opens onto the small Piazza della Maddalena, not far from the Pantheon. The Relics of St. Camillus are venerated in the Church.

It is a small and delightful Church, built in the Baroque style and completed in 1699. It was censecrated in 1727.

Several architects were involved in its creation and it took around seventy years to complete. These included Carlo Fontana, who designed the Baptismal Font in St. Peter's Basilica. It is thought that he designed the Dome.

The architect of the Rococo Facade is not known for certain, although it displays motifs reminiscent of Borromini. The historian Alessandro Marino believes that it was Don Santos who produced the work. It was completed around 1735 but was critisised at the time as being too florid, it was known as "The Church of Sugar" because it reminded people of cake decorations! The Rococo style was not widely used in ecclesiastical architecture in Rome. The Organ too, with its elaborate gallery, is worth visiting; many organists of international repute choose to play the instrument when they are in Rome.

Both features, together with the intimate interior, make the church particularly worthy of a visit.

Here are a few images of the Church.



Organ Gallery and East door



Organ Gallery - Circa 1773



Altar, containing the Tomb of St. Camillus



View along the Nave to the Sactuary



The Interior looking west



View looking up into the Dome



Altar of Our Lady, Health of the Sick



Painting of Our Lady, Health of the Sick - Presented to the Church in 1616 and crowned in 1668



Chapel of the Crucifix which spoke to St. Camillus



Image of Christ (XVI century) which spoke to St Camillus to encourage him in his work



The Baroque Sacristy 1738-1741



The Facade and Piazza, as Giuseppe Vasi saw it in 1756



The Facade today, in the Piazza della Maddalena

Enjoy your visit!

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