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Jack's Mother from US: asthma

please heal Jack my son from asthma and all complications
Father, heal Jack and restore him to health. Through Christ our Lord. Protect his Mother and all who love him. Come Holy Spirit. Amen. Fr Stephen

rigoberto castillo from mexico: for all sick

This request is for all that are sick and not only in my family but everywhere.

dora martinez from United States: healing prayers for my Tio Carlos afflicted with bladder cancer

Please pray for my uncle who recently found out he has bladder cancer. His chemo treatments will begin in June. Please pray for his healing of body and for the strength to conquer this awful disease. I ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and all the angels and saints. May they surround him with their healing light and love. Thank you.

tony finnegan from scotland:

I have advanced lung cancer which god has allowed me to fight for four years I trust in his love please pray for me

orange from philippines:

Please pray for Bernardito (my dad). He has lung cancer and he is about to undergo surgery. Please pray for a safe and successful surgery and fast recovery post-surgery. Thank You. God Bless!

Bernie from Ireland: Multply selecrosis and Anxiety

Please pray for my daughter who has MS, she is young and has her whole life a head of her. I ask you to pray that she will be granted healing and also pray that the researchers will be put in the right direction to get a cure for MS. I also ask you to pray for another daughter who is suffering from anxiety. Please pray also for all our family to keep strong to cope and to be understanding.

Allan from Philippines: My father was diagnosed with Stage IV Collorectal Cancer

Prayer for Amador Andrion for healing to regain his strength, normal health and ease up all of the pain he is encountering. May he be healed by your prayers.

Suzanne Byrne from Donabate Co Dublin: For Stephen my husband. Who is terminally ill. We need a miracle

Please pray for Stephen who has been told that there is no more treatment for his cancer. Please give him strength and myself and our 7 yr old Ryan. We would love Stephen to have lots of time with us and I have been praying for a miracle. He is only 41 and has his whole life ahead. Please God and Jesus be good to him. Thank you so much xxxx Suzanne Byrne

Adrian friel from Coleraine Northern Ireland : For my friend

Please pray for my friend who has alzheimers and is getting worse day by day. And also for all those who have dementia which i support.

Beverley Ward from UK: Employment

Please pray for a job for Kevin my husband. So many thanks Beverley

Jaime J. Pajunar from Philippines:

Please continue to pray for the cousin of Joana Alba, Zenona Cada, she is in very critical condition, that she will be healed physically and spiritually. That her family will have strength to accept her condition. Thanks and God bless.

Jaime J. Pajunar from Philippines:

Please pray for the healing and full recovery of our elderly sister in Christ, Feliciana Lara, who is in the ICU. Thanks and God bless us all!

antonella and gilberta from italy: physical and spiritual healing

I ask for healing from herniated cervical, dorsal and lumbar vertebrae, and the digestive tract, intestines and reproductive system, the consequences that these diseases have on the entire body. High blood pressure, impaired blood circulation and anti-inflammatory drug intoxication, herniated stomach, gastritis, premature menopause, serious eye problems with loss of vision. Thank you, brothers, I'm sure God will hear your prayers for us.

peter wilson from USA--Connecticut: prayer for Uncle Kevin--62--in ICU with serious illness

Kevin is a retired policeman from Mass. He retired a few years ago and now lies seriously ill in a Boston hospital ICU unit. A good man and public servant--please join in praying for him and his family and friends.
Dear Father in heaven. We pray for Kevin. Bless him Lord and fill him with your healing love. Bring your compassionate touch to his family and friends. Through Christ our Lord. Come Lord Jesus. Fr Stephen

Melanie Roberts from USA: Pray for Henry Jenkins Healing

Dearest of Hearts, Please pray for my Father Henry Jenkins that he receives a miracle of complete healing from brain cancer and any and all illness. Please pray that he is healed in body, mind and spirit. Please pray that he has no pain, suffering or anxiety. Please pray that he eats well and gains weight, sleeps well and rested, talks well and understands well so we can say I Love You's. Please pray for him to receive strength in body, mind and spirit. Please pray that he can walk again. Please pray that I and my family may do Gods perfect work for our Father in his time of such great need. We love him so...A wonderful Father, Grandfather, Friend and Husband to my Mother all of her life...He loved her so...Thank you Dear Ones and Have a Beautiful day. Thank you for all you do for Christ and for the sake of others. I cannot tell you in word well enough how knowing your prayers are being lifted to God for my Fathers healing and well being what comfort it brings myself and family. I said to God I can't pray big enough and then I found you...with love Melanie and Jenkins and Roberts Family...
Father in Heaven, hear our prayer, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

hilario n. llamas jr. from cebu philippines: for general intentions

please help me pray for protection against calamities such as earthquakes, lightning, diseases,. misfortune, healing, financial assistance, deliverance from witchcraft, occult practices, gift of vocation ,financial assistance, forgiveness of sins, for teh repose of souls of arnol pajo, harel mezo, nikki crodua, willy dy, enlightenment of kyle montanez, sharon montanez, rojan baring, kent abing,

Anna from Philippines: My Mom have this trouble on her Stomach, we dont know the diagnose yet

Please heal my mother...I cant live without her... not ready for what's coming..
Father in heaven, bless Anna's mother. Heal her and give her strength. Bring her peace and protect Anna with the love of your Holy Spirit. Through Christ our Lord Amen. Come Lord Jesus. Fr Stephen

Raymond from Ireland: PRAYER FOR Katy

Pray for a young girl name Katy 16 who is waiting for tests, but because of dizzy spells she is unable to have the tests carried out, we prayer Lord that she may be stable so as to enable them to the carry out the tests, thank you Jesus. Amen
Father in heaven, we pray for Katy. Let your Holy Spirit come upon her and bring her the healing and peace of Jesus. Protect all who love her. Come Lord Jesus. Amen. Fr Stephen

Allan from Philippines: Prayer for my sick mother

Please pray for my mother who is suffering from cancer.
Father in Heaven, we pray for Allan's mother. Bring her healing and peace through the grace of your Holy Spirit. Bless Allan and who are praying for his mother, through Christ our Lord, Amen. Come Lord Jesus. Fr Stephen

Rob from the Netherlands: Cancer

I humbly ask for your prayer for myself, i have been diagnosed with an almost intreatable form of cancer which came so suddenly and unexpected. I humbly ask for acceptance of this disease, relieve from my anxieties and - i dare not ask - a healing if it's possible. Thank you.
Lord bring healing to Rob and fill him with your deep love. All things are possible for you O Lord. Let us know the vastness of your love. Amen. Come Lord Jesus. Fr Stephen

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